Born on 20 August 1966 in the village of Hadarauti, Ocnita District, Republic of Moldova.
In 1983 graduated from the secondary school of the village Hadarauti.
At the same year entered the faculty of architecture of S. Lazo Polytechnic Institute of Chisinau, practicing parallel painting and making copies of pictures of the famous artists as Aivazovschy, Scherbacov, Shishkin, Savrasov and realizing them either in the country or abroad. The maritime copy of Aivazovschy was prized in Italy.

In 1990 he was awarded the diploma of an Architect and at the same year began his activity in this domain. In a year he began gradually turning from architecture to painting.

At present his pictures being realized in Moldova and abroad: in the USA, Italy, Spain, France and other European countries.
His works may be seen in private collections.

He also showed himself as an artist-impressionist in palette-knife and brush.
The majority of his works were created under the influence of music, making the good disposition and characteristic equivalence.